COVID-19: Closure updates

DUE TO NJ Governor Order and State and Local Advisories NEW CONCEPT IS CLOSED, effective March 16th.

We will continue to monitor developments and will provide updates of our status here.

You can find some of our items listed on ebay:

Advanced search for     photohoover17 EBay store site at

Conditions permitting I will try to make local deliveries or limited store pickups.

PAYPAL or Cash on ANY items we have in stock (Wax boxes, puzzles, models, science kits, Pokemon etc)

You can send email requests to

Or text me (Marc) at 610-731-7830

Upcoming releases:

  • O/A 3/20  2020 Topps Inception  (Blowout,Steel City $74.99)  NC price $67.99 1 auto 2 parallels great C/L
  • O/A 3/25 2020 Gypsy Queen (Dave/Adam 102.99)  NC Price $98.99 (2 autos 1 chrome topper LineupCardAutos!)
  • O/A 4/1 2020 Topps Tribute (On line sellers/ebay $280-$320)  NC Price $279.99 (3 autos/3 relics)
  • O/A 4/15  2020 Bowman Hobby (SUPERHOT D/A B/O $196-200) NC Price $169.99 (1 auto, loaded with prospects)
  • O/A 4/15 2020 Bowman HTA Jumbo (SUPERHOT!!! B/O Steel City $399.99) NC Price $349.99 (3 autos/loaded prospects)
  • Supplies are limited:  one box each per regular customer while supplies last  taking Pre Order NOW

Everyone please stay safe and look out for each other! We Shall Return!!!    Marc and Kathy

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